Usha Cable new cable can be used for multi purpose - Aman Gupta.

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 Aman Gupta. Director, Usha Cable. They say that Usha cable is a great cable which can be used in various ways. Where it is used in the security of the building and it is also very beneficial for the farmers. Correspondent Manvendra special conversation with Aman Gupta

-What are the features of Usha Cable.

Usha Cat-6 is manufactured keeping in mind only Indian Standards. This cable is used for CCTV, communication and Wi-Fi. Through this, IT professionals can get good speed.

-Our country is agricultural. In such a situation can farmers take advantage of using it?

If you want an answer to a good question then let me tell you that poly wire is made for farmers. It is water proof, fire proof. Due to which farmers can connect it directly to the pole by laying it directly inside the ground.

-After how many days the poly wire will need to be changed.

Poly wire cable is long lasting cable that farmers will not need to change cable for many years.

-Is it Usha Cable Industries certified.

Usha Cable Industries is absolutely India's ISI and BIS certified company.

-Have you launched some new products as well?

The company has launched Solar Wire White Copper Cable and Teflon Wire and Halogen Free Wire. Which is made keeping in mind the Indian standards. This Teflon wire cable is heat resistant, the plastic on top of it is fire proof and it can tolerate any temperature. Even if halogen free wire catches fire in the building under any circumstances, this cable does not catch fire easily and emits less amount of smoke due to which the problem of suffocation can be easily overcome.


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